Murder & Manslaughter

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited

Hannah Youren handles murder and manslaughter cases at our Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow in Furness offices. If you or a friend or relative are accused of being responsible for the death of another person then you do need a specialist solicitor to represent you in the case.

In cases of such severity often a QC is engaged to hand the case in Court. These are very senior and experienced Barristers. Over the years Hannah has practiced, they have developed links with Barrister’s Chambers and are able to instruct the best Barristers to represent our clients.

We recognise that the ultimate sentence of life imprisonment means that the very best advice is required.

We recognise that you will need the best possible Barrister to represent you in the case.

The meaning of murder

Murder is committed when a person of sound mind unlawfully kills another, with the intention to either kill or cause “grievous bodily harm”.


When a person kills another person but their intention is to hurt them or exert some force on them. This is called manslaughter.

There are various types of manslaughter. The most common arises when a person is aware that their conduct involves a risk of causing death, or at least serious injury and goes on to take the risk. For example, if a person were to inflict a blow to the head with a weapon and this caused the victim to die without specific intention that person has caused a death recklessly.

Another form of manslaughter is corporate manslaughter. An example of this may be an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease in a public building causing death. In this case the owner of the building could have criminal charges brought against them.

Attempted Murder

This is generally where there is an assault of a similar level of seriousness to some murders but the victim has not died.


There are defences that our criminal solicitors will consider on each individual case. For example, the defences include;

  • Diminished responsibility
  • Provocation
  • Duress