Our Values

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited


  1. We have been in practice 30 years.
  2. We will never let you down. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.
  3. We will give you the best possible legal advice.

Client focus

  1. Providing an accessible service for all irrespective of background or means
  2. Committing to a client charter
  3. Clear cost information
  4. Clear time frame

Legal advice you can trust

Training our staff to give you correct legal advice is at the core of our business – its in our DNA

Investing in our staff

We invest in our staff in training and development to provide the best possible service to you

Technology and innovation

We strive to be as efficient as possible to deliver speed and accuracy of service at a point of delivery convenient to you

Fair operating practices

  1. We have strong morals.
  2. We have robust anti-corruption and money laundering policies and procedures.
  3. We will state the cost of your case upfront and provide you with six monthly cost updates.


  1. Provide local people with jobs and work experience placements
  2. Sponsoring your children’s sports team
  3. Making charitable donations to your local hospice