Criminal defence law – types of cases

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Murder and manslaughter

If you or a friend or relative are accused of being responsible for the death of another person then you do need a specialist solicitor to represent you in the case.


If you are charged with common assault then whilst you are unlikely to face a prison sentence you would still be convicted of a crime of violence which would damage your reputation and career prospects.

Drug offences

The law on drug cases can be complicated. The seriousness of the offence depends upon the type of substance and the purpose of the Defendant’s involvement with the substance.

Sexual offences

These offences carry a stigma and the allegations are incredibly damaging to your reputation. Our solicitors do not pre-judge you we recognise that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Theft, burglary and robbery

Affected by theft, burglary or robbery. Talk to a specialist to see how Clarkson Hirst solicitors can help.


Conspiracy in effect is an agreement with another to commit an offence.

Motoring offences

Virtually every motoring offence carries penalty points. The minimum you can receive for even the most minor offence is 3 points. In any 3 year period if you receive 12 points you can be disqualified under what are known as the totting up provisions for at least 6 months. This can have disastrous consequences on a persons job and livelihood. We can help.

Public order

Public Order Act 1986 – Sections 1 – 5 deal with the various Public Order offences for which the most common are Section 3 – Section 5 of the Public Order offences.

Proceeds of crime act proceedings

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 are ancillary proceedings to a conviction with the objective of confiscating your assets or in some way restraining them.

Criminal Defence Team

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