Road Traffic Accidents

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

Road traffic accidents can be relatively straight forward where say somebody has driven their car into the rear of your car.

Often though the cases I have dealt with are more complex where careful attention to the evidence is required to prove your case. The types of cases I have experience in dealing with are as follows;

  • Head on impacts in the centre of the road
  • Accidents caused by animals in the road
  • Accidents caused by spillages on the road where no other vehicle is involved
  • Accidents on roundabouts
  • Passengers injured when it was the driver’s fault
  • Accidents brought about by foreign drivers

My top tips

Use your mobile phone to take photographs of the scene of the accident where it is safe to do so. I would photograph the damage to your car and any marks on the road surface such as skid marks or spillages.

Don’t accept an offer made direct from the other driver’s insurers because it could well be less than what you are entitled to. Phone me and I will give you straight forward advice.