Preventing Falls

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

The law covers all work activities where people can fall and injure themselves. It is particularly dangerous to work from height and there are specific regulations that impose duties on your employers to properly plan, supervise and carry out in a competent way work activities which involve working from heights.

Of particular concern is when working on vehicles and a risk of falling off a vehicle. Risk can also be presented when working with bales, loading trailers and stacking.

Dangerous situations can arise when fork lift trucks are used to raise people above ground for example for maintenance work rather than a property designed work platform.

It can be dangerous to use ladders but ladders should be placed on a secure surface and properly secured top and bottom.”

Working on roofs:- It is not uncommon in the agricultural industry to work on roofs. Most types of roof surfaces are fragile and one can often fall through the roof and suffer serious injuries. If you are asked to cross a roof for any reason then your employer should always plan the work carefully, train you on somewhere to stand and ensure where you are standing on is sufficiently secure to hold your weight. It is particularly dangerous to walk on the purlins or stand on fragile materials.