Accidents Involving Machinery

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited

It is a legal requirement that any equipment including machinery that you use at work must be suitable for the task, properly maintained, with dangerous parts safeguarded, and that adequate training and information about the equipment is available to you.

It is very important that the equipment must be stable, and stop controls, including emergency stops must be provided. If you are injured as a consequence of your employer failing to provide proper work equipment you should certainly take advice on pursuing a claim as you may well be entitled to compensation.

Farm Transport

It is a legal requirement that vehicles use for transporting livestock should be properly maintained and the operator should be adequately trained. The following issues generally arise;

  • The vehicle must be capable of safely performing the job it is required to do and have suitable reversing aids and mirrors.
  • The driver chosen to drive the vehicle should be medically fit to drive and properly trained and authorised.
  • The site where the delivery is to be made to or from should be safe and pedestrians should be kept separate from vehicles where possible. There should be safe means of access and egress from the site including parking and one way systems.
  • There should be adequate visibility for drivers. An employer should employ a banks man to guide a driver when reversing if necessary.
  • Audible warnings should be displayed particularly when reversing so that pedestrians are not knocked over.
  • Roll over protection should be fitted to vehicles as there is a risk of overturning when using tractors and other self propelled vehicles on rugged terrain.
  • Particular rules require dangerous goods to be carried in a safe way.