Cycling Accidents

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited

I have dealt with a vast number of cycling accidents over the years. I have actually seen an increase in the numbers of people injured when cycling which is reflective of the increase in numbers of people cycling to work or for leisure. The types of cases I have dealt with are as follows:

  • Cyclists who have been knocked off their bike by a car
  • Cyclists who have fallen off their bike as a result of a pothole in the road
  • Car doors opened into oncoming cyclists

When pursuing a claim for injuries sustained in a cycling accident it is very important to understand that cyclists will suffer damage to their property as well including their equipment and helmet. It is always sensible to replace your helmet if it has been damaged in a cycling accident. I can recover the cost of replacing your damaged cycle and clothing and helmet as part of a claim. Please contact Matthew Winder on 0800 919 231 or at

“My top tip is to photograph the damage to your helmet, clothing and bike before you replace or have them repaired. Please do keep receipts for the repair costs”