Our conveyancing timeframe flowchart

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited


1. Receiving your instructions and you providing us with identification documents.1 week
2. Issuing a contract to the buyer’s solicitors.1 week
3. Approving the contract and replying to enquiries.3 weeks
4. Signing the contract and exchanging contracts.1 week
The overall time frame is 8 to 10 weeks


Timeframe depends upon the timeframe agreed between the parties.


1. Receiving your indentifications, instructions and monies on account of searches.1 week
2. Receiving the contract and requesting the searches.This depends upon the time it takes for the search company to produce the searches. Lancaster searches generally take 2 weeks, Kendal generally anywhere up to 6 weeks.
3. Raising the enquiries on the searches.2 weeks
4. Reporting to you on the property and having you sign the documents.Within 1 week of receiving the searches.
5. Exchange of contract and completion.A date that is tailored to the requirements of those involved in the chain, but we would be ready to complete this task within 1 week.
6. Registration of the property with the Land Registry.The timeframe for this depends upon the workload of the Land Registry and if the property will be a first registration.
The overall time frame is 8 to 10 weeks