Resolving Issues Relating To Your Children On Separation Or Divorce

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited

One of the most difficult aspects of separation and divorce is how best to deal with issues in relation to children. We can offer expert advice on how best to deal with any issues arising in relation to your child/ren. We are happy to advise as to the ways in which a dispute can be resolved ranging from mediation, collaborative law, negotiating through solicitors or court proceedings. We can refer your case to a mediation service with a view to an amicable resolution or discuss with you whether your case is more likely to be resolved by way of an alternative route. We can advise on what types of application can be made to the courts including Parental Responsibility, Contact, Residence, Prohibited Steps and Specific Issue applications.

We are happy to discuss the merits of your case and whether you would be likely to succeed in an application before the courts as well as the likely costs of bringing such an application. We will try to give you a realistic time estimate for how long the case will take to conclude, this can often depend on the view the court takes of the case and developments as the case progresses. We will explain to you the role of the court, CAFCASS and social services and their involvement with your case.

We can be as hands on as you would like or simply provide guidance in the background whilst you attempt to agree matters directly with the other party.

If you need any advice about how to deal with children issues on divorce, dissolution or separation or related court proceedings please contact our Solicitor/Director Charlotte Bamber urgently at