Our team contact details

Team Contact Details

Telephone any office to speak to a member of the team.

Matthew Winder - Director / Solicitor 01524 387503, mw@clarksonhirst.com

Kerry Davies - Director / Solicitor kd@clarksonhirst.com

Maureen Fawcett - Director / Duty Solicitor 07973 622702 mf@clarksonhirst.com

Suzanne Willey - Solicitor sw@clarksonhirst.com

Hannah Youran - Duty Solicitor 07814 613093 hannahy@clarksonhirst.com

Leah Kirk - Trainee Solicitor / Accredited Police Station Representative at Barrow 01229 820600, leah.kirk@clarksonhirst.com

Jordan Wallace - Trainee Solicitor jordan@clarksonhirst.com

Nicole Cannon - Trainee Solicitor nicole.cannon@clarksonhirst.com

Vicky Savage - Police Station Representative 01539 736916, vicky.savage@clarksonhirst.com

Ruth Clark - Administration Manager and Assistant to Kerry Davies rc@clarksonhirst.com

Bethany Woods - Legal Secretary and Assistant to Maureen Fawcett bw@clarksonhirst.com

Andrea Walmsley - Legal Secretary and Assistant to Duncan Nightingale andreaw@clarksonhirst.com

Catherine Cottam - Legal Secretary and Assistant to Suzanne Willey catherinecatherine@clarksonhirst.com

Mel Andrews - Legal Secretary and Assistant to Matthew Winder mel@clarksonhirst.com

Accounts Management

Jonathan Cunningham-Sawyer - Legal Accounts & Criminal Billing Manager 01524 39760

Tania Helliwell - Legal Accounts Administrator taniah@clarksonhirst.com

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