County Court Claims

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Limited

Small claims Court

We will represent you in the small claims Court from pre-proceeding steps to trial for a fee of £1,200 including VAT at 20% and plus the Court commencement fees.

Fast track claims

Presently fast track claims are between £10,000 and £25,000 where the trial would take no more than one day. If you are successful with your claim then you can recover the bulk of your legal costs from your opponent. Our hourly rate for acting in civil litigation cases is currently £190 per hour plus VAT. The cost of a civil litigation case would normally include Court fees and expert fees if an expert witness is required.

We at Clarkson Hirst provide a best estimate of the overall costs of your case which is kept under review every six months. Our estimate is tailored to your case and the amount would depend upon the length of the trial, how many witnesses are required and whether expert evidence is required.

Contact our Matthew Winder for a fee that is tailored to your case so that you are sure from the start how much the case will cost you. Contact Matthew Winder on 01524 387503 or at

Multi track claims

Multi track claims above £25,000 are cases which generally are listed for a trial that will exceed one day. We have experience of dealing with such cases in both the County Court and High Court. We can provide you at the outset with an estimate of the fees tailored to your case. The amount of the fee will depend upon the trial length, the number of witnesses required and the complexity of your case. In some cases we can provide a fixed fee. Please contact Matthew Winder for a price tailored to your case on 01524 387503 or