Our charges

We appreciate how concerned all clients are about meeting the costs of legal services. At Clarkson Hirst we discuss these issues with you frankly and openly and explain to you the various ways in which you can meet our charges.

If your case is one where a no win no fee agreement would be appropriate we will discuss and fully explain this with you at the outset to enable your to decide what best suits you – for further information please visit our Personal Injury page.

We will always give to you full details of our Private charging rates, together with our best estimate of the likely costs of your case. To avoid you worrying about costs, we will let you have invoices on a regular basis which you can pay by cheque, cash or credit card if you prefer. We can also arrange for you to pay by monthly direct debit.

For some work we are prepared to undertake the work for a fixed fee – please click here for our fixed fees.

Our current hourly rate applicable until the 1st April 2019 is £190 per hour + VAT. That rate is applied to the Solicitors employed by our firm. We charge the rate of £130.00 per hour + VAT for Trainee Solicitors and Paralegals.

Clarkson Hirst solicitors offer a 30 minute free consultation but we reserve the right to decline to offer this service where it is apparent that that service is not suitable for your needs. That would be the case if the issue is too complex to be dealt with within the scope of a 30 minute consultation. The consultation can be in the form of a meeting, email communication or telephone conversation. The information provided at the meeting will be guidance only and will not be legal advice. We will introduce you to the subject and explain how we could assist at a future point if required and provide a cost estimate.

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors are Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority a copy of the Solicitors Code of Conduct can be found at http://www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/handbook/code/content.page

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