What you can expect from a CQS conveyancer and how long your case will take.

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

Clarkson Hirst are members of the Law Society Conveyancing quality scheme. The scheme is meant to assure clients and their lenders that the solicitor they are dealing with will provide them with a quality service.

A CQS conveyancer will:

  • explain clearly the steps in the sale or purchase process
  • tell you what you can expect from them
  • tell you what the costs will be
  • keep you informed about progress
  • your case will take approximately 4 weeks in the case of a sale and 6 weeks in the case of a purchase to complete. This time frame runs from the point you provide us with signed terms and conditions and identification documents. The overall time frame will depend upon the particular requirements of your case including the requirements of the other party involved in the transaction. We cannot therefore guarantee that your case will complete within the estimated time frame.

They will:

  • treat you fairly
  • be polite and professional
  • respond promptly to your enquiries
  • tell you about any problems as soon as they are aware of them
  • ask for your feedback on their service

Call Matthew Winder (Solicitor & CQS Supervisor) at any of our offices.