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If you are faced with redundancy and wish to take independent advice then please contact our Mr Winder for advice on

We provide an independent advice service to clients who are faced with redundancy.

Frequently we advise clients on whether their employers are proper grounds to make you redundant and have followed a fair procedure.

Settlement agreements

We have extensive experience of advising clients on settlement agreements. The law permit an employer and employee to enter into a voluntary settlement agreement whereby an employee agrees to waive their statutory rights for example to a redundancy payment in return for receiving a sum in settlement. Quite often that sum will be in excess of the statutory compensation limits or redundancy payment limits. For such an agreement to be legally binding an employee is required to take independent legal advice. We can provide that independent legal advice.

Our charges

Our charges for providing independent legal advice in relation to a settlement agreement are payable by your employer. We do not charge you an amount in excess of what your employer will pay under the settlement agreement. If you would like to take advice on a settlement agreement then please contact Matthew Winder on

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