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ExPat Divorces / Dissolution

This is a legal procedure for ending a marriage/civil partnership. Expat refers to a situation where one of the spouses/civil partners is living outside of England and Wales. It can also mean when you married/entered into civil partnership outside of England and Wales. This is a complex question (in law) and you may need to discuss this with us first to check that you are entitled to commence divorce/dissolution proceedings within the jurisdiction of England and Wales. The fixed fee does not cover any advice for work with regard to the financial aspects of your expat divorce/dissolution or expat separation or where the other party to the proceedings seeks to defend those proceedings and as soon as the Court accept your power to deal with your case (given the ex pat aspects).

We can deal with your case by telephone appointment or by e-mail for ease if you are presently overseas or simply prefer to deal with the case in this way. Our family solicitor can act on your behalf in relation to commencing proceedings and taking those proceedings to conclusion in order to formally terminate your marriage.

We prepare a form called a petition, complete this and send it to the Court office to issue proceedings on your behalf. If the case involves children we also complete a form called statement of arrangements for children and send this to the court. The Court sends the form to the other party involved in the case. The other party should then complete the form and return it to the Court, which will in turn be copied to you. We then prepare a document known as a statement and a Request for Directions for Trial in order to progress your divorce through the next stage. The affidavit will need to be sworn on oath by you, after which it will be submitted to Court in order that an application may be made for your decree nisi. Six weeks after decree nisi, provided there are no problems or financial issues, will make an application on your behalf for the decree absolute, which is the document which ends the marriage.

Throughout the case we will advise you as to when any of the steps to progress your divorce have been taken. We provide up to two hours of discussion with you by phone, email or in person. In the vast majority of cases, this is more than sufficient to deal with all of the issues arising in relation to the divorce itself.

In most cases the divorce proceeds without difficulty. In some cases there will be other issues to be resolved and we do charge extra for this additional work. Examples include, works required to trace another party, the other party denying receipt of the papers and needing to be personally served by a bailiff (at your cost) and so on. Any additional costs likely to be incurred will be relayed to you and will not be incurred without your authority.

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