Dangerous Dog Cases

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

R v C 2015 – Barrow Magistrates Court

The client was charged with one offence of being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control in a public place causing injury to another. The dog had bitten a child.

It was of great concern for the owner as to whether the dog would be destroyed. A dog expert was instructed to assess the dog and provide a report for the Court. This report was very positive and as a result the dog was returned to its owner and was not destroyed but will have to wear a muzzle in any public place.

The owner and her children were very much relieved.

R v H 2015 – Barrow Magistrates Court

The Defendant was the owner of what she believed to be two Staffordshire bull terriers. They had been brought up together for a number of years. One day they were in the back yard together and began fighting with each other. The Defendant was unable to separate them and telephoned the police.

A dog handler attended and believed that one of the Staffordshire bull terriers was in fact mixed with a pit bull terrier which is a prohibited dog under the legislation.

A dog expert was instructed and assessed the dog. The dog was found to be partly pit bull. A contingent destruction order was granted with strict conditions that the dog was registered on the exempt dogs register. It had to be insured. The owner could not pass the dog on to anyone else due to it being an exempt dog. The dog had to be tattooed with an exempt dog number and had to be muzzled in a public place as per the requirement of the legislation.

The family were happy to have the dog returned to them.