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Taxi Licensing and Taxi Law

At Clarkson Hirst Solicitors we deal with all aspects of taxi licensing and related law. Our lawyers have experience of representing drivers at the police station, licensing committee, magistrates’ court as well as at the Crown Court. We have also represented companies throughout the licensing process. We also boast lawyers experienced in relation to VOSA related matter. Given our geographical presence we are able to represent drivers, companies and Associations on a local and national basis. Our experienced solicitors and High Court Advocates can represent you whatever your issue. At Clarkson Hirst Solicitors a number of our High Court Advocates are qualified to represent you at the Supreme Court if necessary.

Your Next Move

Many drivers and company owners who contact us are not aware of the different options which are available to them. We have specialist lawyers who can assist you with your difficulties.

For advice on taxi licensing and taxi law call Paul Green 0800 919 231.

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