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Equine Law

Given our recent success Clarkson Hirst Solicitors have decided to expand our practice into equine law. We have a number of in-house lawyer with a wealth of experience in equine law as well as strong relationships with Barrister’s Chambers through England and Wales who are able to offer experienced Counsel to both advise, negotiate and if necessary represent you at hearings. We can offer representation in relation to hearings ranging from the Civil Court in relation to negligence or misrepresentation to hearings before The Court of Arbitration for Sport.

We can offer advice and representation in relation to the following.

  • Loan agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Sale and purchase disputes.
  • Syndicate ownership agreements
  • Equine related injuries and accidents
  • Livery contracts
  • Livery disputes
  • Veterinary disputes and negligence claims
  • Banned substance hearings and appeals
  • Stud agreements
  • RSPCA defence
  • Public liability / Animals Act 1971 matters

A number of our in-house lawyers hold higher rights of audience which means we can offer you representation up to and including the High Court. We can of course instruct a barrister to represent you if you would prefer.

We are also able to offer representation in relation to banned substance hearings and appeals as well as rider disciplinary hearings. We can provide representatives who have experience of hearings at The Court of Arbitration for Sport.

We will offer local livery yards a discounted rate for ongoing work. We also offer a free initial consultation to allow you to get to know us before you decide to commit.

For further discussions in relation to any of your equine law related issues call Paul Green 01524 387503.

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