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Use the tool below to calculate commercial property and business sale legal costs.

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Terms and conditions

  1. The price provided is in respect of one transaction only. Therefore if you instruct us to prepare any such associated documents such as surrenders, deeds of release, indemnity insurance the work connected to this will be charged separately.
  2. Our price is provided on the basis that it is an invitation to contract and your confirmation that you will accept the price is not a legally binding contract. This is because our agreement to act for you is subject to your compliance with certain regulatory and money laundering requirements. We therefore cannot agree to accept your instructions until we have complied with the requirements of those regulations and money laundering requirements. This will involve us undertaking due diligence and requesting certain identity documents from you or in respect of your company. If you are instructing us as a company we will need to establish the beneficial ownership, identify those that own the beneficial ownership and identify the Directors. We therefore reserve the right to decline instructions up to the point that we have carried out due diligence that is satisfactory to ourselves.
  3. Our instructions to act for you assume that you will provide us with complete instructions and office copy entries in relation to the Land Registry records in respect of the property you are dealing with if you are instructing us on a sale. We will charge extra for dealing with any land disputes or searching for missing documents.