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Resolution are a family law group, previously known as the Family Law Group, consisting of an organisation of solicitors and Barrister working in the field of family law and campaigning for best practice, as well as changing and reforming family law to improve access to justice for members of the public.

The Resolution Group have continued their efforts to improve the family justice system and raised the profile of members of the Resolution organisation.

Currently Resolution are continuing to campaign for ‘no fault’ divorce and have supported the successful bid of an individual seeking for her case to be heard before the Supreme Court.

Resolution remained dissatisfied that the existing divorce procedure system provides for divorce based on the grounds of fault or periods of lengthy separation, which in modern times do not fit with modern behaviour. If presently you seek a divorce, you must wait either two years with consent of the other party, five years, rely on desertion, adultery or provide details of unreasonable behaviour. The campaign for a no fault divorce allows people to divorce on the basis that they have simply grown apart, which would ultimately lead to less animosity for family members.

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors, Kerry Davies and Suzanne Willey are members of the Resolution Family Law Group and support the improved access to justice and campaigns on behalf of Resolution. If you are interested in obtaining further advice, Clarkson Hirst Solicitors can be contacted on 01524 39760.

We are happy to provide further advice on procedures for divorce and how best to move the matter forward in the interest of both yourself, your children and with a view to minimising the level of animosity.

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