Our service continues during the pandemic

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

Emergency cases where you are ill

Where you need urgent help, we continue to accept urgent cases in the following areas:

1. You’re arrested and need representation at the police station or due to appear in court

2. You need to apply for a civil injunction due to domestic violence 

3. Your children are been taken into care

4. You are injured in an accident 

5. You can apply for legal aid remotely 

Call our offices for help or email info@clarksonhirst.com


Our objective at Clarkson Hirst is to remain open and continue your case unaffected by the Corona Virus.  We have been taking measures already to mitigate the risk. We feel though that we have to introduce further measures. These measures are intended to protect our clients’ best interests and also the best interests of our staff.

Our focus is remaining accessible. 

Avoiding Human Contact

We can act in your best interests and undertake your case without the need for a face to face meeting in the majority of cases. 

The Measures

  1. If you would like to make an appointment to see a solicitor then please would you make a telephone appointment.  If it is not possible to deal with your case by a telephone appointment you will discuss this with a solicitor who will explain what we need to do to ensure your case continues and is not delayed in any way.
  2. We can meet by telephone or using electronic face to face media.
  3. It is important that you do not make a decision to delay your case or making an appointment because you fear coming into the office. We can always deal with your case by telephone.   For example, if you wish to make a Will we could prepare a Will for you by telephone appointment.

Signing Documents

We can always post documents to you to sign with a full explanation as to how the document should be witnessed.  We can send a stamped addressed envelope for you to reply so that you do not need to bring the documents into the office.  This applies to all manner of documents including Wills and conveyancing documents. 

Emergency cases where you are ill

We can still assist you by telephone and electronic face to face media.  We would need you to tell us if you believe you have the virus or symptoms of the virus.  In these circumstances, please do the following :-

  1. Do not attend our offices but contact us by telephone to explain your situation.
  2. If you are due in Court telephone your professional advisor.  We do have an out of hours telephone service which diverts to on call solicitors. You should notify the court office. If we consider your position will be prejudiced then we will try to contact you back and therefore it is important that you remain contactable on your mobile phone.
  3. It is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your mobile phone or email address.
  4. If you wish us to draw up a Will or a Power of Attorney on an urgent basis but you believe that you should not attend the office and should remain at home then you should contact your professional advisor as we still will be able to take your instructions to draw up a Will and we will be able to send it to you in the post to be signed or otherwise arrange for it to be collected by somebody who is not infected.
  5. We would not be able to visit your home or visit you at hospital.  If you require this service you should contact Matthew Winder for advice.  Our staff are not authorised otherwise to attend upon you.
  6. If you are not able to contact anybody at the office and it is urgent then you can contact Matthew Winder whose mobile phone number is 07940 110565.  Matthew Winder’s email address is mw@clarksonhirst.com.  It would be preferable to email Mr. Winder initially.  Please ensure that you email him your mobile phone contact.

Your Case Progression and Ensuring that your File is Properly Conducted

We are accredited by the Law Society Lexcel Scheme.  Lexcel was designed from the outset to ensure that files are properly managed to cope with a pandemic.  This means that all key dates and requirements of your case are properly recorded centrally and managed by our department supervisors.  Individual staff absence therefore will not affect your case.

Delivering Documents to our Office

If you wish to deliver documents to our office then you can post them through the letter box of any of our three offices.

Our Reception

Our reception will remain open but this will be subject to constant review.  Where possible could you not drop into our reception but telephone instead.  Often we can deal with your enquiry officially by telephone and you can speak direct to your solicitor, or if it’s a new case speak to a solicitor free of charge so that we can take on your case and progress it efficiently.

Providing ID Documents

Normally we would ask clients identification documents into the office.  That is no longer required in the majority of cases.  We would require you to simply photograph your identification documents and email the photograph to us.  We will carry out an electronic identification search and may require you to attend the office if any risk issues would arise from your search or your case generally.  We do reserve the right to decline to take your case if the risks are too high for us to properly and safely manage.  We would expect that this would only occur in the most exceptional of circumstances. 

Posting Documents if you are Infected

We would ask you not to post documents back to us if you are infected or believe you could be infected but contact us by telephone for advice as to what you should do.  If you cannot get through to us by telephone then take a photograph of the signed document and email it to us. 


Clarkson Hirst are determined to continue our high level of service unaffected by the virus and assist people whether they are infected, at risk of infection or not.  Please though do not come to our office if you have any symptoms as advertised by the Government.  At all times you should follow Government advice and Government advice should be followed as a priority to anything stated in this statement.

Kind regards.

Matthew Winder

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