Legal Aid For Critical Moments

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

The Law Society Gazette has recently reported that the Ministry of Justice insist that Legal Aid should be available for the most critical moments in an individual’s life following MP’s being inundated by constituents with concerns about the lack of available Legal Aid. There continues to be calls for Legal Aid to be restored to its former levels prior to the implementation of the Legal Aid cuts arising from legislation in 2012.

It is reported that MP’s have been inundated with emails and letters from individuals facing eviction, living in overcrowded properties in dire need of repair and requiring critical legal advice in relation to housing matters, such matters no longer being able to be covered by Legal Aid following changes in 2012.

Individuals are then encountering further difficulties in finding many areas, such as West Cornwall, are devoid of Legal Aid solicitors with only one office dealing in family law leading to critical shortages of Legal Aid availability in that area.

Legal Aid is designed to support the most vulnerable in society and providing access to justice. The Government’s spending on Legal Aid is said to amount to one fifth of the department’s budget and is simply unaffordable to the Government.

If you require advice or assistance in relation to whether you are eligible for Legal Aid, please do not hesitate to contact us. Clarkson Hirst offer Legal Aid in both criminal defence and family law and would be happy to assist in dealing with your queries in this regard.

Contact our Kerry Davies or Suzanne Willey or Leah Kirk on 01524 39760.

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