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Private Renting Document Checks

From the 1st February 2016 you must prove that you have the right to rent a property in England if you are starting a tenancy on or after the 1st February 2016. You have to prove you have the right to rent a property if you are renting it as your main home. Certain leasing arrangements are exempt such as; • Student accommodation in a hall of residence • Accommodation provided by your employer as part of your job or training • Social housing • Accommodation provided by the Council • Hostels and refuges • A care home, hospital or hospice • Accommodation with a lease of 7 or more years What landlords must do Your landlord or letting agent must check your original documents to make sure you have the right to rent property in England. They have to check the documents of any other adults living in the property. They have to make copies of your documents and keep them until you leave the property. They have to return your original documents to you once they have finished the check. A list of acceptable documents can be obtained from

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