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Social Media and Domestic Violence

The Law Society Gazette recently reported that controlling a partner’s social media account or surveillance of them through mobile phone tracking applications could see domestic abusers jailed for up to five years following legislation that has now come into force. It is understood that the Crown Prosecution Service could for the first time prosecute specific offences of domestic abuse where there is evidence of a repeated continuous controlling or coercive behaviour, such as controlling the partner’s social media account or surveillance of them through a tracking application on a mobile. It is said that such behaviour can limit victim’s basic human rights such as their freedom to movement and independence and that this behaviour is incredibly harmful and in an abusive relationship where one person holds more power than the other even on the face of it if this behaviour might seem playful, innocent, innocuous or loving. If you need help or assistance regarding matters of domestic violence and are unsure of what to do, Clarkson Hirst Solicitors are only too happy to help in providing further advice and assistance.

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