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Child Support Payments

The American state of Delaware are currently having a debate about how Child Support Payments could (or should) be restricted to limit what child support can or cannot be spent on.

Suggestions include making the payments via a ‘payment card’ that only permits the purchase of child-focused items such as educational materials, school clothing and food.

There is also debate about whether the scheme should require the parent with care to be required to include the shoe size of a child and to update the scheme every time a child grows. There is often complaint amounst separated parents as to what child support payments are spent on from adult entertainment to cigarettes.

In England & Wales the parent with care is not rquired to explain or justify what they decide to spend their child support on. This often leads to conflict.

If you need advise on matters of Child Support contact Clarkson Hirst today for confidentail advice. Whilst it is unlikley that a scheme similar to that being debated in Delaware would come to fruition in England & Wales we can certainly advise on the levels or child support and the available options in terms of reaching an agreement amicably where possible.

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