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Deputy Application for a Parent

Clarkson Hirst have recently acted on behalf of a client in relation to the making of a deputy application in relation to a parent seeking an order from the Court of Protection allowing the parent to manage the finances of their adult child, whom suffers from severe learning difficulties.

The case highlighted that whilst a minor the parent had encountered no real difficulties in managing the finances on behalf of the child.  Matters become complicated when the child came of age as the parent was no longer able to control or deal with matters as they saw fit.  An application was made with the assistance of our family law solicitor Kerry Davies.

A court order was made appointing the parent to act on behalf of the child with the court considering the best interests of the child.   If you need advice on a similar matter please do not hesitate to call Clarkson Hirst Ltd today on 0800 919 231.

We have offices at Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow in Furness and a telephone advice service covering Carlisle.

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