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Woman Acts as Surrogate for Her Own Son's baby

Woman Acts As Surrogate For Her Own Son’s Baby

In a highly unusual surrogacy situation, a mother has given birth to her own son’s IVF baby – and a court has consented for the son to adopt the child
A single man in his 20s has become a dad – after his own mum carried a baby conceived from his sperm and a donor’s egg.

The bizarre situation is incredibly unusual but has been ruled by a family court judge as “entirely lawful” and the young man has been allowed to adopt the baby – who’s legally his little brother.

This is a highly unusual surrogacy situation [Rex]
This is a highly unusual surrogacy situation [Rex]

The family, all of which remain unnamed, chose to go ahead with the surrogacy after the man decided he wanted to become a father.

He originally had another relative acting as the surrogate, but she dropped out because of a medical condition. His own mum then stepped up and agreed to have the baby for her son, with her husband’s support.

The family entered into the surrogacy after “careful consideration” and attended a series of counselling sessions and discussions with the clinic, the judge revealed.

The mum’s age is not known, but the baby was born healthily, at full-term, and is now seven months old.

The surrogacy laws here in the UK don’t always work in the favour of the biological parents [Rex]
The surrogacy laws here in the UK don’t always work in the favour of the biological parents [Rex]

The rules of surrogacy here in the UK state that the surrogate is the legal mother, and her husband the legal father, until the parental order is signed – which can be anything up to nine months after the baby is born.

And the intended parents have the right to refuse the baby.

It’s rare for a single person to be allowed to adopt a child, making the judge’s ruling unusual to say the least. But she said she considered the boy’s “lifelong welfare” and allowing the man to adopt would provide “legal security” for the baby.

Because the baby had lived with his biological father since birth and was the baby’s legal brother anyway, this helped the man’s case.

Plus, it worked in his favour that the clinic his family used is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

“The papers show that for some considerable time he has wanted to be a father,” The Guardian reported that the judge, Mrs Justice Thesis, said.

“He waited until his circumstances were settled in terms of a job and home to enable him to provide the care a child would need. He sought advice from specialist fertility lawyers and licensed fertility clinics, to enable him to gain advice and understanding before embarking on any process of becoming a father.”

The rules surrounding surrogacy are hazy at best and if you’re considering looking into it, take advantage from organisations such as Surrogacy UK who
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban used a surrogate to have a child [APP]
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban used a surrogate to have a child [APP]
can give you advice and support.

In the UK, there are around 150 to 200 surrogate babies born a year, and a number of high-profile celebrities both here and abroad have used this option as a way to start a family.

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