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Certainty - Will Registration

About Will Registration

Certainty does not need to see a copy of your Will to register it. Registration records the existence and tags the location of your Will on Certainty the National Will Register, so that the people you have left your estate to, or those you have chosen to be your executors, can find it when you have passed away. Registration ensures that, if beneficiaries and executors are unaware that you have written a Will or forget where it’s located, it can be easily found by conducting a Register Will Search.

The existence of your Will and its location are confidential. Only when you have passed away can your Will’s location be declared. Even then, it will be disclosed only when the person searching for your Will has a genuine, bona fide interest and that person can provide a copy of your death certificate.

5 Million Wills

Through members of the public and legal members of Certainty the National Will Register circa 5 million Wills are contained within Certainty’s National Will Register. At peak times a Will is registered every 2 seconds with Certainty.

Each and every day, the people who have written their Wills and registered them with Certainty have protected their beneficiaries against the Will being forgotten, or the Will being untraced after a death.

Every day Certainty help people to find Wills quickly and easily.

Clarkson Hirst offer a Will service and your Will shall be registered with Certainty at no extra cost.

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