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Domestic Violence - Legal Aid

In April 2013 the Government introduced changes to legal aid which massively impacted upon who would be eligible for legal aid in family law. The changes required people to provide evidence of domestic violence having occurred in the previous 24 month period, such as an arrest or a previous injunction or a letter from a social worker. This meant that thousands of people previously eligible would now be ineligible because they lacked the evidence. The very nature of domestic violence means that victims often fall foul of the rules because they do not report the violence through fear or shame along with many other reasons.

A legal challenge was recently made to try and overturn the changes but has recently failed as reported in the attached article.

If you need help or advice about whether you are eligible under the new rules please contact Clarkson Hirst and we will be happy to help. We can assist you with obtaining the evidence required. Call Now 0800 919 231. Our family department solicitors Kerry Davies Suzanne Willey Sean Harkin will be happy to help.

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