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Are people losing faith in the Court System?

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) statistics have indicated that there has been a fall in private law cases compared with the same period in the previous financial year.  CAFCASS believe this is indicative that less applications are being issued and they wonder whether parents are beginning to lose faith in the Court system.
Perhaps one explanation is a misconception of what Legal Aid is now available and indeed what other help is now available. 
Some parties do not realise that they may be entitled to obtain Legal Aid via the Mediation process, or may be put off instructing solicitors due to fear as to the level of costs.
CAFCASS are particularly concerned that this means that out of desperation people might take matters into their own hands. 
We can confirm that at Clarkson Hirst we do offer both fixed fee arrangements and detailed guidance on the options available to people including entitlement to Legal Aid. 
We would caution against individuals considering taking matters into their own hands, as in the short term this may avoid incurring solicitors fees, but in the long term is likely to cause more damage and untold harm to the case which could have long term repercussions.
It is better to take advice from a solicitor at the beginning and deal with matters properly from the start rather than taking advice from a solicitor after the damage has already been done, and it is perhaps at that point irreparable. 
Clarkson Hirst would be happy to assist you in connection with the same.
Please contact our Family Law Team, Kerry Davies on 01524 39760 for further advice.

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