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Work place fatalities fall

The number of people who lose their lives at work has dropped by 85% over the past 40 years from over 650 every year in 1974 to 133 today, new figures have revealed.
The number of injuries at work has also reduced over the same period from 336,701.00 to 78,222.00.
The fall coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act which established the Health and Safety Commission and the Health and Safety Executive. The Health and Safety Executive regulates health and safety law working with industry to help industry manage their health and safety risks effectively and also bring irresponsible employers to justice.
It is still a great concern in modern society that last year there were 27 fatal injuries to agricultural workers, 42 in the construction industry and 4 in waste and recycling. If you are injured at work then please contact our APIL senior litigator, Matthew Winder who covers our Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow offices.

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