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Civil Legal Aid for Family Mediation

From the 4th August 2014 people applying for civil legal aid will be subject to a resident test to prove that they have been a lawful UK resident for the previous 12 months. Family legal aid applicants are exempt from this requirement but applicants for legally aid family mediation will be subject to this test.

There is heavy criticism from family law group Resolution as to the introduction of the resident test in so far as they believe it will create an additional burden to already stretched legal aid providers, will confuse the public as to whether legal aid is available and may deter people with limited means from seeking support from a lawyer or a mediator.

Resolution are lobbying the Government with respect to family mediation and allowing mediation to be exempt from the resident test. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for legal aid please contact Clarkson Hirst solicitors today for further advice in respect of the same.

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