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HSC Highlight Unsafe Telescopic Material Handlers

 If you work in the farming industry then it is wildly known that the most common cause of serious fatal injuries in agriculture involves farm vehicles.  Telescopic Materials Handlers are widely used in the farming industry.  The Health and Safety Executive have highlighted that using a Telehandler Boom to drive in fence posts is hazardous as the person holding the post or standing nearby may be at risk of serious injury. The risks include;

Being struck or run over by the Telehandler Being struck by the Boom or the attachment mounted on it, e.g. a grain bucket if either the machine boom or attachment moves unexpectedly Being crushed or trapped by the attachment, if it becomes detached from the machine.

The action of pushing down on the fence post will tend to lift the attachment out of the mechanism securing it to the boom.  Anyone in the vicinity is at risk of being struck or crushed by the attachment should this occur.

The advice of the Health & Safety Executive is never to use a Telehandler Boom or an attachment such as a grain bucket mounted on the boom is a tool for driving in fence posts.  Always use equipment suitable for the job, for example a tractor mounted post driver. 

The Health & Safety website contains guidance on safe practice in the farming industry which should be considered carefully if you are planning a fencing operation.

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Dated 7/4/14

Matthew Winder

Associated Personal Injury Specialist

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