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Unnecessary safety measures wasting businesses time and money

The Health and Safety Executive have undertaken a survey that has revealed the lengths some small firms mistakenly go to, to try to comply with health and safety. For example one firm apparently wrote written guidelines for walking upstairs. The Health and Safety Executive recommend small and medium size firms use free online tools and guidance on their website designed to help them get their risk management right.

The report from the Health and Safety Executive highlights the fact that 22% surveyed believed they weren’t capable of managing health and safety themselves and needed to hire a specialist consultant.

We agree with the statement of the Health and Safety Executive that health and safety is about taking reasonable steps to manage serious risks of ill health and injury in the workplace. This does not mean taking unnecessary steps but steps which are sensible to avoid risk of injury to your work force.

We would recommend that you follow the guide issued by the Health and Safety Executive. This provides guidance that highlights real risks in the work place and how to put reasonable precautions in place.

The Health and Safety Executive guidance does emphasise the importance of proper health and safety risk assessment. If you do not take reasonable precautions for your employee’s safety then you are at risk of being sued if they suffer an injury as a consequence of your failure to take reasonable precautions.

Matthew Winder

Senior Director

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

Senior Litigator of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

11th March 2014

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