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Road maintenance firm in Court after motor cyclist paralyzed

A Wolverhampton based road maintenance firm has been fined for serious failings after a motor cyclist suffered devastating injuries and was left paralyzed after a collision with traffic signs.

This case highlights the legal requirement for road signs warning of road closure to be erected at intervals of around 800m, 400m and 200m in advance of the closure and information signs alerting road users should have also been placed at up to 1km in advance.

The Health and Safety Executive found that at the time the first indication of the road closure was just 175m before it happened.

Legal action can be brought where an accident not involving another vehicle could have been avoided if adequate signage had warned the road user of the presence of a road closure or similar obstruction in the road. Please contact our Mr Winder at our Lancaster, Kendal or Barrow offices if you require assistance with this type of case.

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