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Our approach to plain language

I came across a blog recently which reminded me that often legal advice is dressed up in complex language, jargon and waffle that confuses the reader.

Certainly I aim to cut through the waffle and use plain language when communicating with clients. One example of management speak I came across was “the interface needs to be transformational and integrated, in order that your customers and stakeholders full migrate towards the business we re-engineering process that will be necessary to gain full exposure and penetration of the demographic. This will trigger the internal paradigm shift which will create greater strategic synergy across all operational functions”.

At Clarkson Hirst I hope our clients will find our approach is more “a spade is a spade”. I would say to our clients though if you do find the language we use complicated and difficult to understand then you should not hesitate to draw that to my attention.
Matthew Winder
Senior Director
Clarkson Hirst Solicitors

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