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Instruct a Solicitor don't settle for less

Clarkson Hirst supports the Law Society’s campaign to promote the value of using a solicitor to get proper legal advice and compensation following an accident claim.

Clarkson Hirst has recognised that clients are approached direct by insurance companies following an accident offering to pay compensation for the injuries sustained. Clients accept the offer to bring a speedy resolution to the matter but in doing so often find themselves uncompensated for the actual losses they have suffered and personal injury. Offers are frequently made without medical evidence being obtained. Only by obtaining medical evidence can you be sure of the extent of your injuries and the amount of money you are entitled to in compensation for those injuries. The risk is that you could accept a very small amount at the start of your case but find your injury effects you for the rest of your life and in a worst case scenario reduces your working capacity.

At Clarkson Hirst solicitors in cases where liability is admitted we can obtain an interim payment from insurers at the start of a case and ensure at the end of the day you get the correct level of compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Compensation levels have been increased with effect from the 1st April 2013 for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life by 10%.

You should make sure you see a solicitor to make sure you get the correct level of compensation.

Please see our Matthew Winder who is the firm’s Senior Director and Senior Litigator member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Matthew Winder will handle your claim at our Barrow, Kendal or Lancaster office.

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