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Advice on Compromise Agreements

Clarkson Hirst Solicitors have developed a quick legal service for advising clients on compromise agreements. Matthew Winder our employment law solicitor has substantial experience in advising clients on compromise agreements. Certainly if we do not feel you have been offered a fair deal from your employer on redundancy we will tell you in clear terms and quickly so that a better deal could be sought. We will give you clear advice on the terms of the compromise you are being offered by your employer.
Where your legal costs are being paid by your employer we will not make any surcharge to you for the costs but will do the work for the costs paid by your employer.
Your employer should pay the legal costs for you taking advice on a compromise agreement
Please remember you should not sign a compromise agreement without first taking legal advice.
Clarkson Hirst solicitors offer face to face consultations in relation to compromise agreements on the day you call us at your convenience.
We can see you for advice on employment matters at our offices in Lancaster, Kendal or Barrow
Please ring freephone 0800 919 231

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