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Injuries to Agricultural Workers

Can you claim if you are kicked by a cow?
Last week I settled a case for a substantial sum for a client in Cumbria who suffered a serious injury when he was kicked by a cow. Some might think it is ludicrous that you can claim for being kicked by a cow. However it should not be forgotten that health and safety applies to agricultural workers as well as those that work in other industries. Workers who deal with animal transportation or work in abattoirs or farms are commonly injured through animal kicking incidents. Often these incidents are preventable by the employer. According to the Health and Safety Executive handling cattle always involves a risk of injury from crushing, kicking, butting or goring.
In certain situations the risk is greater for example if the animals are not used to being handled frequently or are being handled through an industrial process such as in an abattoir or being transported. Animals that are used to an open environment can become stressed when in a closed environment. Attempting to carry out stock movement on unrestrained cattle without proper equipment is hazardous.
The HSE recommend use of a cattle race so that cattle can be moved without the worker being in the same pen as the cattle. A crush should be used so that tasks involving handling cattle can be undertaken safely including oral treatments, ear tagging and work from the rear end. The HSE offer very clear and comprehensive guidance on safe cattle handling. If you take short cuts and do not follow the guidance then your employees as I have found in my case can be seriously injured. If you would like advice on a specific case then do not hesitate to contact me.
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