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Small claims Court representation North West

If you are looking for a representative to represent you in the small claims Court in the North West of England then look no further than Clarkson Hirst Solicitors.

From the 1st April 2013 we are taking on cases on a fee sharing basis. Our representative will assist you in preparing your case and attend Court and represent you at the hearing and get you the best possible result.

Our solicitor representative has a wide range of experience in representing clients at contested hearings in the small claim Court.
We act for large companies and individuals on a wide range of legal issues from consumer disputes to debt recovery matters.

Our fees are tailored to be proportionate to the value of your claim. If your claim is for over £1,000.00 then our fee will not be more than 35% of the value of the damages you will receive if you win your case including VAT. If your case is lost then we will charge you nothing.

If you are defending a claim then our fee will be equal to 35% of the amount you are being sued for again assuming the claim is over £1,000.00. In these circumstances a fee will be payable whether you win or lose the case.

Our acceptance of instructions is subject to prior agreement and approval and terms and conditions. We will provide you with our terms and conditions before you commit yourselves to instructing us.

Our scheme gives you certainty of the amount you will have to pay and ensure the fee is structured to be proportionate to the value of your claim.

Therefore if you need representation in the small claims Court in Lancaster, Kendal, Barrow, Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Chorley and Burnley look no further than Clarkson Hirst Solicitors”.

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