Lasting Power of Attorneys

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A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to decide what can happen and who can make decisions for you if you become physically too frail or mentally unable to manage making decisions about your own affairs, whether related to finances or welfare.

The Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person or persons to allow them to make decisions on your behalf. These people become known as your attorney/attorneys. There are two kinds of power of attorney known as lasting powers, specifically a financial decision power of attorney or a health and care power of attorney. You can appoint the same people to act in both types of matters.

Making a Power of Attorney is not as complicated as it sounds and simply involves a relatively straight forward meeting with a solicitor to provide details of who you want to appoint. We can assist you in completing the paperwork and advising on any specific questions that may arise for you such as whether your attorney can act whilst you retain your mental capacity or whether you wish them to act only in the event of your capacity deteriorating.

You can consider imposing restrictions or limits on your attorneys and we can provide expert advice on what might be appropriate in this regard.

You can also indicate if you wish third parties to be notified and choose to register the power of attorney and use it straight away, or alternatively decide not to register and delay registration until a later date. We can advise as to the best time to register the power of attorney and provide support with regard to the same when you wish to register.

Powers of Attorney cannot be used until registered and we usually recommend applying to register as soon as possible even if you do not plan to use the powers straight away so as to avoid difficulties arising at a later date.

We are happy to store your original power of attorney free of charge until such time as you need it.

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