Christina Estrada – Divorce Settlement

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A former supermodel, Christina Estrada, was awarded a 53 million cash lump sum following a High Court battle with her ex-husband, a billionaire Saudi businessman. The businessman had already obtained a divorce, known as a Talaq, in Saudi Arabia. His former wife however managed to obtain leave under part III of the 1984 Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act allowing her to apply for financial relief in England because she could not bring a cause in Saudi Arabia.

It is reported that the assets belonging to the wife together with her settlement provided her with a total settlement of 75 million plus jewellery, cars, chattels and so on which by some 50 million pounds is the highest award ever made in the Family Division.

It is understood that there were numerous difficulties with this matter insofar as the client instructed solicitors in December 2015 and involved numerous difficulties with ill health on the part of the husband, the husband being provided with ambassadorial status and his ill health. However the matter was able to be resolved by solicitors in record time for a case of this type. An emergency hearing date took place.

This case is the perfect demonstration of why it is helpful and necessary to take specialist advice in order that solicitors can aid individuals in resolving financial matters.

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